Generation Y and Z are known as millennials generation and the dot-com generation. They are also called techno-savvy and digital natives. These two generations were brought up in an environment in which they were highly dependent on technology. They are very fluent in computer skills, actively play video games, and use gadgets and the internet efficiently and skillfully. In terms of communication, these generations expect immediate feedback when interacting, due to their fast-paced lifestyle, impatience, and tendency to get bored easily. Gen Ys and Zeds are also said to find it easier to communicate with technology than to interact with humans. In terms of personality, Gen Ys and Zeds are said to have high self-esteem and self-concept, a balanced life, family-mindedness, high commitment, and willingness to take on challenges and competition. Despite these positive personality traits, however, they have unpredictable thoughts where they sometimes have both positive and negative thoughts at the same time. They are a unique group and remain somewhat mysterious in terms of their thoughts and behaviour in society. Like other generations, Generation Y and Z has not been spared from various life issues. Among them, they are the generation group affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Thus, this paper is a result of research and research highlights related to the issues of life and the impact of COVID-19 among Generation Y and Generation Z in Malaysia.