Positive Youth Development Evaluation Study (8C) in Malaysia is one of the six mechanisms of assessment of the Malaysian Youth Policy (MYP). Through MYP, 2 Malaysian Journal of Youth Studies Malaysian youths are defined as individuals aged between 15 and 30 years old. The component of positive youth development includes the development of individual assets and ecological assets that directly affect to strengthen youth development. In relation to that, this study has been carried out to develop indicators to measure the achievement of positive 8C youth development; identify the instrument to measure the achievement of positive 8C youth development; identifying measurement mechanisms for the achievement of positive 8C youth development; identify the monitoring method for the achievement of positive 8C youth development; and identify some strategies / initiatives to achieve the goal of 8C positive youth development. The Alpha value of the eight domains exceeds 0.7 and proves that the constructs are reliable with objectives. Overall, the Contribution domain contributed the highest alpha value of 0.904 and confidence domain recorded the lowest alpha value of 0.764. The achievement of the eight domain scores consists of Contribution with a score of 71.26 at moderate level; Caring with a score of 70.50 at a moderate level; Character with a score of 68.87 at a moderate level; Competitive with a score of 65.40 on a simple stage; cooperation with a score of 64.77 at a moderate level; confidence with a score of 63.26 at a moderate level; consideration with a score of 63.02 at a moderate and Competent level with a score of 58.29 at a moderate level. From the eight positive youth development domains in Malaysia, the Contribution domain recorded the highest score of 71.26 (moderate) and the Competent domain recorded the lowest score of 58.29 (less satisfactory). Overall score for eight domains are at a moderate level with a score of 63.94. The findings of this study reported the overall achievement for positive youth development (PYD) in Malaysia through eight domains and 18 indicators for 10 group implementers in Malaysia to formulate initiatives and strategies to enhance the achievement of positive youth development in Malaysia.